New Products

Check out some of the great New Products you can see at the 2017 NZ Fitness & Health Expo. More will be added regularly before the show so make sure you check back to see some of the great stuff you can try and buy at this years Expo!

Best Bones Broth

Food Is Fuel Limited | Stand B31

Our handcrafted bones broths are made using only NZ (Certified Organic) ingredients. Our recipe involves a long slow simmering process that extracts the maximum benefits for our customers. No added sodium, preservatives, colours or flavours. High in essential Amino acids which are the very building blocks our bodies use to build and regenerate cells. Protein, glutamine and minerals in their most natural and easily digestible form. See us for our Expo specials and try our new hot serve recipes.

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Technogym Skillrow

Technogym | Stand G10

TRAIN LIKE A CHAMPION. Skillrow, the first indoor rowing machine capable of improving anaerobic power, aerobic capacity and neuromuscular abilities in a single solution. We created a product for dry land training that has all the benefits of authentic rowing. And much more.

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Cheata Sport & Tactical Compression Bras

Cheata NZ | Stand H23

The ultimate athletic bra structures focusing on tissue weight not size. Having issues with your current bra? (No support, material digs in, shifting, stretching, spilling, chaffing, and feeling smashed out)? Cheata is the answer - a balanced weight redistribution that no other athletic bra on the market achieves.

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Technogym Skillmill

Technogym | Stand G10

UNLEASH THE ATHLETE INSIDE YOU. Technogym’s Olympic heritage is at the heart of Athletic Performance Training, a highly effective methodology that enables everyday athletes to improve their Power, Speed, Stamina and Agility and enjoy the benefits of professional sports training in a safe, engaging and effective way.

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Roasted Seeds

Something to Crow About | Stand A21

Tasty toppers to lift any meal. Convenient, ready to use and packed full of goodness. These crunchy roasted seeds are very versatile. Sprinkle over salads, roast veggies smashed avocado or tacos. Many of our customers say they are a great little guilt-free snack too. New 120g pack size, plus 2 new delicious flavours – Mexican and Tamari/Seaweed.

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NEW! See the Brand New Concept2 BikeErg

Concept2 | Stand E5

C2’s newest addition, the BikeErg makes its debut at the 2017 NZ Fitness and Health Expo. With all the quality, innovation and ergonomics you expect from Concept2, the BikeErg is a must-have Indoor cycling machine.

Don’t miss this chance to be amongst the first in NZ to see the Concept2 BikeErg at the Expo!

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Kaizen Age | Stand A20

VitaMIND is a multi-nootropic supplement developed to support mental performance and mood. Our formula is specifically designed to support cognitive and executive functions in the brain, while simultaneously acting as a mood balancer and stress reliever. Whether you have an athletic event, work project, or simply socialising, taking VitaMIND is like having your brain fire on all cylinders.

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NEW! Hex-a-Rings

Hart Sport New Zealand | Stand F5

The Hex-a-rings are a versatile training tool that can be constructed in any range of layouts to enhance your workout. Connect the hex-a-rings in a variety of patterns to focus on foot speed, change of direction or reaction speed. Set includes six Hex rings and set of six, two-way clips.

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NEW! Impact Wrap - Sensor to make your Heavy Bag "Smart"

Inspired Wellness Technologies | Stand F9

Impact Wrap is like a real-life videogame on a heavy bag. A patent-pending sensor secured outside of the striking area on either the top of a hanging bag or at the base of a freestyle bag. This makes your whole bag “smart”. It measures intensity along with strike count in a fun, unique way. It’s a fully interactive, state-of-the-art platform designed to motivate and retain your members and students.

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FlexiDiet Meal Plan

FlexiDiet | Stand A15

Want to get lean eating healthy homemade pizzas, burgers and even curry? Learn to build your own meal plan with a FlexiDiet meal plan starter kit.

Recipes that everyone in the family can enjoy! Come chat to our Nutritionist for a FREE sample meal plan.

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Noway Protein

ATP Science | Stand H25

Noway is an innovative protein supplement that contains specifically pre-digested collagen to boost muscle mass and reduce fat mass. As the name would suggest, it has ‘no whey’ in it and in fact is dairy free, meaning it has lowered allergy potential and isn’t associated with the common boating problems that plague dairy based formulations. One other advantage is it tastes great and we will be sampling it all weekend at the expo so pop by and give it a try!

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Mooyee | Stand D38

Muscle pain isn't always something we have to put up with. Whether it's from training in the sport you love or just general pain there is a way to relieve tired muscles. Mooyee is a pocket size, portable muscle stimulation device/tens machine that sends low-frequency electric currents to your muscles, from a tingle to a pulse and is fully directed via an app. The Mooyee helps to ease, sore tired muscles, activate muscles before exercise and assist with blood flow. PLUS it feels great!

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Peak Health Management | Stand A22

The Travelmixa® is your new portable electric blender. When you’re away from home and can’t take your big bench top brand with you – this is the next best thing! Use with fresh fruit, cold liquids and your favourite nutri-powders to enjoy thick, creamy smoothies anytime, anywhere.

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Yoplait Greek Style Yoghurt with Lemon

Yoplait | Stand A25

Yoplait is excited to introduce Greek Decadent Lemon to the Greek family. Delight in the rich, smooth creaminess of Yoplait Greek style yoghurt with Lemon. It’s a decadent combination and its simply delicious. Sneak preview at the Expo with a special Expo price of $5 then into supermarkets early November.

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Yoplait Au Naturel

Yoplait | Stand A25

Say ‘allo to Yoplait Au Naturel, great creamy taste with no added sugar. Parfait for dolloping in a smoothie or serving with fresh fruit and fantastique for adding to your favourite recipes. Oui, s’il vous plaît! Sneak preview at the NZ Fitness & Expo with a special Expo price of $5 then into supermarkets early November.

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Scribbler Gear

Scribbler Active Gear | Stand D33

Scribbler Gear is a new, independent brand that is designed in New Zealand, for the world. We use technical fabrics that keep you comfortable - dry when it's wet, warm when it's cold and cool when you are active - so you can keep doing what you love.

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New! Kaos Gold

Natural Energy | Stand H35

Kaos Gold a delicious clean energy drink with NO sugar. Not only does it taste great, but has ZERO sugar and 95% less calories than other energy drinks. Key Benefits and Features of KAOS Gold:
• Healthier energy and immune boost from herbs Guarana
• Natural Herbal Stimulants
• ZERO sugar (No artificial Sweeteners)
• 120mg of caffeine (from all sources)
• Refreshing pineapple-citrus taste in a convenient powder form

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RC Butters

RC Butters | Stand A10

High Protein Peanut Butter in 3 flavours! They taste great and are packed with quality ingredients. Perfect as a guilt-free snack too!
Our brand-new Vegan Range will be launched for the first time, with samples, special discounts and giveaways for all products at the Expo. Come check us out!

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Swibo Tilt

Swibo | G20

Add excitement to your training with the new gamification system, Swibo Tilt.
Swibo Tilt turns balance training exercises into engaging video games which help you improve your balance, recover from lower limb injury, and prevent more injuries before they happen.
Swibo Tilt offers games suitable for all players, balance measurement, and progress tracking.

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Blue Dinosaur Super Bites

Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars | Stand C11

From the makers of the amazing Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars comes Blue Dinosaur Super Bites! They are a ridiculously healthy, grab-n-go snack. Packed full of superfood ingredients these bites have the added plus of antioxidants, boost & immunity.

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Power Plate Healthy Mums Programme

Power Plate NZ | Stand F27

The Power Plate Healthy Mums Programme, specially designed by top Post Natal Recovery Specialist Jenny Burrell, is for every mother who’s short of time but wants and needs an effective, time-efficient fitness and wellness programme that will get her strong, fit and toned, from the inside out - in less time!

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STRONG by Zumba®

Zumba Fitness LLC | Stand G28

STRONG by Zumba® is the new non-dance, high-intensity, music-led workout focuses on bodyweight and plyometric exercises that tones muscles and burns calories. Grammy-award winning producers were brought in to score a soundtrack to the routines, so that every move in the class is synchronized with a beat, changing the HIIT landscape!

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ViBERi Blackcurrant Powder

ViBERi NZ | Stand A24

ViBERi Blackcurrant Powder is 100% certified organic and contains high levels of vitamin C and antioxidant. ViBERi Blackcurrant Powder has shown to be effective during exercise and recovery for a wide variety of sports. Various research has been carried out to determine the effects of New Zealand Blackcurrants on exercise performance. Simply add this as part of a balanced diet to get the most out of your day-to-day life. We offer of powder in both sachets and loose powder. Get any 4 small packs of Viberi products for $30

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Nuzest Clean Lean Protein Functional Flavours

Nuzest New Zealand | Stand B20

Nuzest has taken ingredients from centuries-old traditional medicine and blended them with Clean Lean Protein to create a great-tasting, high-protein shake with added functional benefits. Choose from three flavours: Chai, Tumeric + Maca, Vanilla Matcha or Coffee, Coconut + MCT’s. Available in 225g or 500g tubs. Suitable for everyone. All Natural. Vegan, Paleo. Gluten Free. Dairy Free. Soy Free. GMO Free. No artificial sweeteners or colours, preservatives or fillers.

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Ginger Crunch Bake Box

Hunter Gatherer Gourmet | Stand A27

Now you can create delicious yet healthy cakes, cookies, slices and pancakes in a blink of an eye with our range of paleo baking & pancake mixes. Create an irresistible guilt free Ginger Crunch with our NEW BAKE BOX containing a bag of ginger crunch base mix and a bag of ginger coconut icing sugar. You will only need oil or butter and 2-4 tbl of maple syrup. All HGG products and recipes are gluten, grain, dairy free and preservative free, made from all natural ingredients, lower in carbs, and of course incredibly easy to use.

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Dr Cohen’s HEATABLE acuProducts

acuProducts | Stand H29

Dr Cohen’s HEATABLE acuProducts are internationally patented massage tools being used by thousands of professional athletes, Physios and Health & Well Being Practitioners worldwide. Microwaveable and providing up to 2½ hours of continuous heat, AcuProducts are 100% natural and empower patients to regain mobility and movement as an important part of any treatment strategy.

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Chocolate Bake Box

Hunter Gatherer Gourmet | Stand A27

Now you can create delicious yet healthy cakes, cookies, slices and pancakes in a blink of an eye with our range of paleo baking & pancake mixes. Create an irresistible guilt free Chocolate muffins, cake or cookies with our NEW BAKE BOX. All HGG products and recipes are gluten, grain, dairy free and preservative free, made from all natural ingredients, lower in carbs, and of course incredibly easy to use.

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New State-Of-The-Art Jukebox

AMS Music | Stand G4

With a slick touch screen, Jukebox is our latest music innovation and a great way for you to increase customer turnout in your gym! Your customers can now have input in what they listen to while they work-out within pre-set categories to keep the right sound and atmosphere for your business!

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Sujon Berry + Veg Mix

Sujon Berries | Stand H19

Sujon Berries will be offering tastings of the new Berry + Veg Mix at the NZ Fitness & Health Expo! A naturally juicy mash up for your smoothie featuring an amazing mix of boysenberries, blueberries, raspberries and iron-rich spinach.

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AUT Ventures Limited | Stand A13

UruSense builds solutions using a wearable sensor that can measure and track multiple muscle physiology measurements that enable fitness enthusiasts and high-performance athletes to get automated actionable feedback from their workout sessions. UruSense can provide data insights using advanced analytical algorithms to tell you what you are doing, how well you're doing it and what you can improve on next time.

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Labellamafia Range

Fashion Brazil | Stand F23

The constant search for motivation, that’s what Labellamafia clothing is all about. LabellaMafia is more than a brand; Labellamafia is a lifestyle. We combine health, well-being and style to keep our Hard Core Ladies inspired!
We all live busy lives, but that does not keep us from finding time to train and to take care of our health, always striving to reach the best versions of ourselves in everything we do.

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ARX Trainer

ARX - Augmented Reality Exercise | Stand D14

ARX MAKES transforming conventional exercise into immersive game modes.

The ARX Trainer is packaged for innovative personal trainers to boost their business by giving endless value to their clients and using our systems to open a pipeline of consistent client leads.

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Matcha Matcha

Food Is Fuel Limited | Stand B31

Matcha Matcha - Experience the powerful HEALTH and PERFORMANCE benefits of our Premium Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder. Come see us at our stall and try one of our Natural PLANT-BASED Protein Smoothies - combining the goodness of matcha with the power of HEMP - nature’s best source of plant-based protein. Make sure you take advantage of our Expo Specials!

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CocoCoast Natural Coconut Water

CocoCoast | Stand B26

CocoCoast is not just any coconut water. CocoCoast is sourced from young green coconuts from Vietnam and is a premium coconut water which tastes amazing. It is organic, with no added sugar or preservatives and is the perfect drink to re-hydrate you naturally after your workout

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OMR Organic Muscle Rub

OMR | Stand D31

NZ's First Certified Organic Anti-inflammatory Muscle Rub
✤ Targets Muscle and Joint Pain Naturally
✤ Certified Organic
✤ 100% Active Ingredients
✤ Professional Strength
"I have been using OMR for a little while now and it's the best muscle rub out there..." Nick Haig - NZ Black Sticks Captain

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MyBio Knee: Movement the Smart Way

AUT Ventures Limited | Stand A13

MyBio provides A high-tech and light-weight, wearable knee sleeve that monitors form, repeatability, and quality of exercises prescribed by medical specialists, physiotherapists, and sports coaches. MyBio provides a unique set of visual tools through the customised MyBio Motion app that provides real-time accurate movement visuals and feedback customised for you, by you. Integrated Stretch Sense sensors provide reliable and accurate motion capture to be used as the benchmark for individual feedback and exercise monitoring.

This Seasons Latest Styles from FREDDY!

FREDDY Australia & New Zealand | Stand E19

FREDDY has been specialising in sportswear since 1976 and in 2012 launched it's patented WR.UP® technology that supports and reshapes the hips, buttocks and thigh area enhancing them in a totally natural way. Normally available only online, this is your chance to try on and buy the World Famous Shaping Effect Pants with exclusive Expo offers in NZ including this seasons latest styles at the Expo!

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The Latest Collection from Shereena Noelle

Shereena Noelle | Stand C17

The Latest Collection from Shereena Noelle showcases fitness wear that is colourful, playful & flirty. The fabric is fully breathable, soft and keeps its shape. The perfect combination for light weight performance activities such as yoga and Pilates. All garments are designed and handmade in NZ.

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VIPCARE Ltd | Stand F30

Managing pain and inflammation has never been easier with CoolXChange innovative 2 in 1 Gel Bandage.

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