Nutrition Kitchen

Introduced in 2017, the Nutrition Kitchen was a HUGE success…one that we will continue to build on for 2018 and beyond.

Offering a range of live cooking demos, meal prep advice, information and meal options through a series of expert nutrition presenters and celebrities.



See some of those who were involved in the 2017 Nutrition Kitchen…

Official Nutrition Coach

Simone Olivia

Simone demonstrated how to meal prep simple, nutritious meals as well as showcased a range of quick and easy breakfasts, snacks and smoothies.  Simone is a holistic performance nutrition coach passionate about showing her clients how healthy eating strategies don't have to be uneventful and stressful, instead delicious and enjoyable. She specialises in fat loss, muscle gain, increasing energy, athletes, high performing athletes and high performing individuals.

Ashy Bines 'Kittens in the Kitchen'

Ashy Bines & Gretty Rose

With over 6 million social media fans and counting, Gold Coast fitness sensation Ashy Bines took the Nutrition Kitchen by storm.
Ashy Bines and gal pal Gretty Rose prepared some of their favourite dishes from their popular YouTube series ‘Kittens in the Kitchen’ live in the Nutrition Kitchen.

Having put 200,000+ women through her Bikini Body Challenge and Clean Eating Diet Plan, Bines is somewhat of a fitness guru for young women. And one of her favourite methods to support and encourage her followers is via her ‘Kittens in the Kitchen’ segments. Kittens in the Kitchen was created out of the love that both Ashy and Gretty have for cooking and proving that some of the best healthy recipes are also simple to make and cost effective!

What The Fat?

Dr Caryn Zinn & Chef Craig Rodger

The team behind the successful What the Fat? books were cooking up some Low-Carb, Healthy Fat dishes. Dr Caryn Zinn, a registered dietitian and sports nutritionist – also known as ‘The Whole-Food Dietician – and Craig Rodger, a classically trained chef who, after being diagnosed with pre-diabetes, felt compelled to research and incorporate a different approach to eating and cooking, were cooking with whole foods that are minimally processed, lower in carb and higher in (healthy fat) while teaching you what you need to know to live the LCHF lifestyle.