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Get professional advice on nutrition, wellness, training tips, clean eating, making healthy habits, supplements, fat loss and more in our free sessions.

We had a great line up of free seminars in 2018, packed with informative, motivational and inspirational talks presented by industry experts, fitness celebrities and international guests covering a range of topics.


See the 2018 timetable below.



(Same timetable for both Saturday & Sunday)

10.30am | Burnout is the new Black

Presented by Nats Levi

Are you working hard following all the "rules" but getting no results? Training for hours but no results to show? Come and listen to Nats explain her journey from burnout to how she found her way back to true health. She will explain why you need to look at your body holistically and find a lifestyle that works for you incorporating movement, nourishment and restoration. Nats will explain why doing more is not always best for your body and why it is important that you treat yourself as an individual for your health success.

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11.30am | Training, Nutrition & Supplementation

Presented by Josef Rakich

When Josef started his own health and fitness transformation, passion took over and what started as a hobby has now evolved into something more significant. Josef will share his insights and knowledge on Training, Nutrition and Supplementation and how to balance these to achieve your own personal goals. His program, Josef Rakich Fitness, is your definitive guide when it comes to working out and diet advice. Come along and see why Josef Rakich has been voted the world’s No. 1 Online Personal Trainer.

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12.30pm | Taking the nail out of the low-carb coffin

Presented by Cliff Harvey

Demystifying the latest research and headlines about low-carb nutrition
Over the last few years, there have been contradictory messages about nutrition in the research and the mainstream media. In this workshop, Cliff Harvey, author, clinician, and researcher, will dive into the latest research and headlines about low-carb nutrition to help you to discover the myths and realities of low-carb.

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1.30pm | Fat Loss 101

Presented by Jake Campus & Jess Coate

Over the years, there’s been many one diet fits all approaches, fads and myths surrounding weight loss. Leading nutritionists Jake Campus and Jess Coate explain the real facts behind fat loss and the tips and tricks you need to develop a better, healthier lifestyle designed especially for you.

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Please note: Expert Talks timetable may be subject to change to accommodate additional sessions if required.