Mind Muscle Connection & Glute Activation

Mind Muscle Connection (MMC)

Mind Muscle Connection needs to be addressed in your first weight training session.  What is MMC?  In simple terms, MMC is the movement controlled by the brain to signal your muscles to work or contract.  By increasing your MMC you are increasing the number of muscle fibres that you are recruiting when lifting a weight.  MMC is so important in order to build a quality well-balanced physique.

When doing a compound lift you have primary and secondary movers. In the squat, for example, the primary movers are your glute maximus and quadriceps muscles, and your secondary movers being the hamstrings and adductors. These secondary movers are the supporting muscles during that specific lift. If your MMC is not strong you will never reach your full training potential. You will be recruiting too many different muscles and will not see as much growth or result because of this. It’s not all about the weight that you are lifting but how you are lifting it. There is absolutely no point in working hard in the gym if you cannot master the mind-muscle connection. Train Smart!

What Is Glute Activation?

In very simple terms Glute Activation is like an alarm clock for your glutes to WAKE THEM UP ‘to fire’, ‘activate’, ‘recruit’ these are all the same things. My number one go-to exercise is getting my clients to sit on a chair, place their hands under their booty palms facing up and focus on one side at a time, squeezing the left side and relaxing and then squeezing the right side and relaxing. If they are unable to this then we have a problem- very inactive glutes.

Firing Your Glutes

Glutes are a muscle group that many people are unable to ‘recruit’ or ‘fire’ or ‘activate’. Why is this? The saying “If you don’t use it you lose it”. Most people spend the majority of the day sitting down and being inactive. This means the glutes are at rest, even if you train your glutes 1-2 times a week it still leaves 23 hours every day that your glutes remain relatively inactive. Another reason for in-active glutes can be from injury, thus causes some muscles to be under active and some overactive hence throwing out the mechanics and the bodies motor-programming.

I am the biggest advocate for good technique: This is one thing that I make time for with every new client. Not only does good technique help to prevent injuries, but it also allows for better muscle gains. If you can’t use your mind muscle connection to lift the weight there is no point in just throwing the weight up and hoping for the best. I suggest learning your compound exercises and the technique associated with these major lifts before advancing and adding heavyweight. You need your MMC connection to be strong with these lifts to be feeling the muscles you are supposed to be using and to progress onto more weight.

Booty in a Nutshell

To develop a great booty you must use a variety of different exercises and watch your calorie intake.  Anatomy of the body and genetics also play a part BUT if you are willing to work for it and be consistent with it you too can build a great booty you can be proud of.

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