How to keep your kids active

Summer has finally arrived and we’re all happy that the sun has finally come out except your kids seem to have missed the memo, happy as Larry and entirely engrossed in devices and technology.

While it can be incredibly beneficial to their learning and brain training to take part in the digital world they do also need a good dose of vitamin D, activity and some real-life social interactivity.  A combination of these will boost their endorphins, whilst keeping them healthy.

But how do you ween your tween off the device and into the outside world?

We have a few ideas that will both help in getting your child off that device and some great activities that will keep them happy and occupied for a wee while.

Introduce an activity plan

During school, your children have a pretty structured routine. During the break with the lack of school as your go to, it can be easy to lose their sense of structure. It is important for your child to have a break, though a little routine can go a long way to support a bit of digital free time.

Work with them to plan their holiday activities – this can be a fun task in itself. You can do a brainstorm of their options, and/or see if they have any ideas themselves.

Mix up the activities

From fitness to craft to beach days to device time, to family time/ trips, movies at home or out – make sure you mix up the activities. You can also put chores in here too. Allow your plan to have a little leeway – for example moving and swapping tasks around. This will make your child feel that they have a say.

Time activities and screen time

Just as they wake up to an alarm a good way of getting your child to recognize when the time is up on their device, is to set an alarm or timer.


Learn a new skill or sport

Enrol them in a holiday activity program or drop in classes to either learn a new skill or sport or just use up some of that energy in play.

The friendly team from Flow Academy of Motion are offering a range of FREE Fitness Classes for Kids and Toddlers at the NZ Fitness & Health Expo at the end of the month (Sun 28 October 2018).

Get your kids active with this integrated session including Parkour, Tricking, Breakdancing, Circus and Acro. The classes will run in a group rotation so all kids get to try each of the different disciplines in a 50-min session. And you can sign the kids in then leave them to it while to check out all the features the Expo has to offer. Catch Art Green cooking live in the Nutrition Kitchen, take in a free ‘Expert Talks’ session and check out the 100+ stalls that will be there.

Toddlers will have there own class running at the same times that focuses on fun, songs, dances, relays and awesome hanging equipment! An adult must stay for the duration of these classes though.

Check out more info on the Kids Fitness Classes here.

For more ideas on how to get your family moving and incorporate some great nutrition tips for a healthier lifestyle, check out the NZ Fitness & Health Expo (27-28 October) at Auckland’s ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane.  There’s also a range of group workouts & classes, samples and so much more! For more info & tickets visit