Health and Wellness – Make a Change

It’s never too late to start changing bad habits and start new ones.  A healthy lifestyle includes exercise, eating right, emotional wellness, and disease prevention.  Any small changes will really make difference in what you can do and how you feel.

Start Small

All too often we try to start our health and wellness journey by attempting to change everything all at once and then it gets very overwhelming facing that many major changes so quickly, then it’s almost always impossible to stick to your plan.  You find yourself thinking, if I can’t do all of this then there’s no sense in doing any of it, and you will give up after a few weeks.

Be Realistic

Choose one area you want to work on and set an overall goal, be realistic, don’t expect it to happen in a month. We all dream about where we would like to end up at, but when it seems out of reach, it becomes an uphill battle, then we quit.  Take one goal then break it down into smaller monthly or fortnightly goals.

Make Time

We get busy with all of the life pressures and our health takes a back seat.  If you are neglecting your health then it’s harder to keep up with work and other responsibilities.

Act Now

You must take action, no one can do it for you. Someone can help you get started but the rest you have to figure out on your own. The real challenge is when you are on your own and you think are not accountable to anyone.  Be accountable to yourself.


Find what motivates you, work with others that have similar goals.  It’s easier to stick with the program when you are with those who are sharing the same journey.

Challenge Yourself

The reward is in the work you are doing, not the end result.  Building your health and wellness up slowly over time will help you create a new lifestyle that you will be able to stick with.

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