Good and Bad Bacteria in Your Body

The juggling act between good and bad

Today’s busy lifestyles can be extremely stressful! It’s common to juggle family, work and social commitments, and then find time to fit in some relaxation and exercise.

This modern-day stress can leave you feeling both mentally and physically fatigued, and unfortunately can also have a negative impact on your digestive and immune systems. Life is a balancing act, and this is especially true when talking about the balance of good and bad bacteria in your body. Even mild stress can tip the microbial balance in your gut, disrupting the healthy bacterial balance.

What happens when your gut bacteria are off balance?

When your good gut bacteria are thrown off balance, your body’s natural front line of defense also takes a hammering, leaving you vulnerable to all sorts of foreign invaders. Your immune system takes a knock, and you can feel tired, run down, and more susceptible to ills and chills. A whopping 70 percent of your body’s immune system lies in your digestive tract, so it makes perfect sense to maintain good gut bacteria to strengthen your immunity.

Digestive distress can also become a regular occurrence. Bloating, excess gas, body odour, bad breath, and fatigue are signs that bad bacteria are more than likely taking control, and are a sure sign that your good gut bacteria needs a helping hand.

How can you recreate balance?

Probiotics are the good guys. They provide you with friendly bacteria to help keep your digestive and immune systems running smoothly. Both of these systems depend on the partnership with probiotics to help shield your body from harm.

Probiotics help to balance healthy bacteria, and set the stage for your immune system to respond more effectively and carry out a vital defence role. Supplementing with probiotics can help you regain your health and energy, balance your mood, and make you feel like a new person.

Source: Health 2000

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