Fueling Performance – Is what you’re eating letting you down?

Whether you walk, ride, tri or CrossFit, what goes into your body has a significant impact on your energy levels and performance.

Does this sound familiar? Halfway through your 5km morning jog or while lifting a weight, you smashed the week before, out of nowhere that unfortunate crash ‘n’ burn feeling hits you. You might wonder: did I get enough sleep last night? Should I have warmed up for longer? Maybe… or did what you eat let you down?

The food we eat is the fuel that gets us from A to B, gives us the energy to excel or on the flipside, the cause behind the dip we might experience.

This is not an argument about this diet or that way of eating, it’s about making intelligent choices – and it all starts in the aisles. Navigating your local supermarket or grocery store can be a real battle, and I’m not talking about the dodgy wheel on your trolley. What fills your reusable bag is the difference between energy and lethargy, faster or slower, stronger or weaker.


Here are a few hacks that your body will thank you for.

1. Write a list and stick to it.
Tick it off as you go; fruit, greens, whole foods etc. If it’s not on the list, you’ll be less likely to impulse purchase junk.

2. Plan your meals.
It’s really easy – and if you don’t have a library of healthy eating cookbooks, Google is your new BFF.

3. Load up on leftovers.
One of the biggest unhealthy traps for us 9 – 5’ers is eating lunch out. But if you cook extra and pack your lunchbox your body (and back pocket) will thank you. Besides, leftovers always taste better the next day!

4. Pre-empt the 3 pm slump.
To avoid the temptation of feeding the office vending machine, pack your afternoon pick-me-up so you have it to hand. There are so many healthier options out there these days than a bar of chocolate, and your body will thank you when you want to move it later on!

5. Dessert is a trap!
Do you really need it? What are some healthy alternatives that might satisfy the sweet tooth instead? Fruit, dark chocolate, or a Blue Dinosaur bar will all hit that sweet craving.

There is no denying that to be better than we were yesterday we have to make some mini intake sacrifices. Less refined sugars, more whole foods, greens, nuts and seasonal fruits. The upshot is both physical and psychological – more energy to do the things we love and a clear, conscious and healthy mind to greet the challenges ahead.

Go get ’em, tiger!

Source: Blue Dinosaur

About the author:

Jarrad is a former pro surfer & coach of the world’s best surfers, including Mick Fanning and Jordy Smith. He is also proudly the brand/ marketing man behind Blue Dinosaur.