About the Challenge

The NZ Fitness & Health Expo have teamed up with our Official Female Personal Trainer, Jade MacKinnon, and our Official Nutrition Coach, Simone Olivia, to bring you this exciting SPECIAL OFFER 12-Week Transformation Challenge program.


To cater for every specific goal and body type,  we have come up with five different program options for you to choose from.

  • Fat Loss – Female
  • Fat Loss – Male
  • Lean Muscle Gain – Female
  • Lean Muscle Gain – Male
  • Beginners ‘At Home’ Option (for busy Mums or those without access to a gym!)

What is it?

The 12-Week Transformation Challenge includes weekly nutrition and exercise plans across a variety of programs depending on your goals and objectives. The nutrition & training on the programs will change every 4 weeks to keep your body responding/avoiding typical plateau, keep you motivated and give you 12-Weeks of exciting variety! Simply select the right program to suit your goals.

* If required, there are Vegetarian and Vegan meal plan options available


Lose weight, gain muscle, tone up, transform yourself, learn how to eat healthy and achieve healthy realistic results.

How will it work?

The program takes a proven approach to training and nutrition – using Jade and Simone’s successful methods to work with their clients different genders, goals and weight. It is also about the growth and goodness we can all experience when we harness our untapped potential to change – to move forward and improve all aspects of our lives. Jade and Simone both believe in a holistic approach to transforming your body, which comes from ensuring the 12-Week Transformation Challenge uses ways in which you will not feel like you are on an overly restrictive diet from hell, or over training just to get fast results. In your program, expect to experience and learn the way you can transform yourself in a healthy & achievable way which does not sacrifice your quality of life (being hungry, tired or burnt out- common mistakes of many transformations)- while teaching you ways in which you can keep your new body LONG TERM, with new lifestyle habits and keeping the weight off!

Choose the Experts

If positive, long term and achievable change is what you want, choose the experts.



Jade and Simone will provide you with all the motivation, guidance, training, nutritional advice/plans/recipes for you to transform yourself.


“Our aim was to design a transformation challenge that can be applied to people of all fitness levels with either a little or a lot of pre-existing nutrition knowledge and experience, in a way they have never done before – being achievable – and most of all healthy & maintainable long term.”

Jade & Simone

During the 12-Week Transformation Challenge you will receive:

  • A user-friendly ebook complete with nutrition plans, recipes and workout plans, tailored to your goals and refreshed every 4-weeks!
  • Ongoing access to and support from Jade MacKinnon and Simone Olivia via email if you have any questions or concerns along the way.
  • Online coaching, tips and advice – join the Transformation Challenge Facebook Group hosted at FB/theNZFitnessExpo. Only open to Transformation Challenge registered participants!

Contact us

If you have any questions about the 12-Week Transformation Challenge, please email us at transformation@nzfitnessexpo.co.nz


And if you would like extra support in addition to what’s available throughout the Transformation Challenge, both Jade and Simone are available for one-on-one consultations. Feel free to send them a personal email to request these services: info@jademackinnon.com and info@simoneolivianutrition.com.