NZ Arm Battle

Arm wrestling has increased hugely in popularity over the past decade, combining grit, tactics and mettle!

The NZ Fitness Expo will be showcasing New Zealand’s best over the weekend with the Arm Battle Series!

With three categories for the men and one class for the ladies! The competitors over the past few months have been ranking challengers to see who the top 4 arm wrestlers in each category are and the top 2 from each category will battle it out over five rounds with one minute rest rounds between.

The winner will receive a custom championship belt! There will be a few grudge matches or redemption battles depending who you are but one thing is for certain – IT’S GOING TO BE ELECTRIFYING.

2016 International Fight: Maateiwarangi Heta-Morris (NZ) vs Brett Coutts (Aus)



This will be an epic battle – NZ’s best battle against one of Australia’s best armwrestlers. Both competitors have won the Oceania Championships before, both men are multiple national champions and represented their countries in the World Championships. Who will be alpha armwrestler after this epic battle?!

2016 Competitor Profile

Anmol Sandhu

India's National Champion for 90kg and overall, Anmol will be in a Super Match against NZ’s #1 for 90kg left and right hand.

2016 Competitor Profile

Amber Davenport

I did martial arts since the age of five so I have always been into boyish type sports. I watched over the top and was quite inspired but didn't know where to do train for a sport like this, then I met a good bunch of people who were training to compete at an event and they encouraged me to participate. Being part of the NZ arm wrestling family is great because everyone is very supportive and you learn so much. I enjoy armwrestling for the connection, adrenaline and strength training.