Kettlebell Workouts

The New Zealand Girevoy Sport Alliance will again be showcasing the versatility of kettlebells and promoting kettlebell sport at the NZ Health and Fitness Expo 2017!


NZGSA is the NZ representative to the International Union of Kettlebell Lifting and 2017 featured the second National Championship, held this year in Nelson. At the expo you will have the chance to learn correct kettlebell lifting technique in a series of workshops (Jerk, Snatch, Long Cycle) from the best lifters in the country as well as the chance to show us what you’re made of in three special events designed to give you a taste of what kettlebells can do for you.

Group Workout | 12pm Saturday & Sunday

The Kettlebell Academy of New Zealand will lead a group workout designed to get your heart rate pumping and your lungs screaming for mercy. Kat is a Strongfirst certified instructor (the organisation founded by Pavel Tsatsouline) and runs regular kettlebell group classes in Auckland. Come prepared to huff and puff and get your expo off to a swinging start!

Kettlebell Face Off! | 2pm Saturday & Sunday

In this event you will stand face to face with your opponent and attempt to out lift them through a display of pure muscular strength and endurance. Over a 4 min set you will get a taste of each of the kettlebell sport lifts, 1 min Jerk, 1 min Snatch each hand, and 1 min Long Cycle (clean and jerk). Have you got what it takes?!

Pressure Press! | 4pm Saturday & Sunday

Throughout the day you will have the chance to dominate other expo goers in the most basic of kettlebell exercises, the press. Take one kettlebell (24kg for men, 12kg for women) and perform as many repetitions as possible in the allowed timeframe of 4 mins. Only one hand switch is allowed so this is max reps per arm. Beat your mates, claim bragging rights and become the press champion!

Take part in any of the 3 events at the 2017 NZ Fitness & Health Expo! Entry is FREE!


Register and select the event you’d like to try when purchasing your 2017 Expo ticket and reserve a spot or register on the NZGSA Website. Limited spaces available in each event so be quick!