Free Seminars

Get professional advice and tips on nutrition, training tips, clean eating, making healthy habits, supplements 101, fat loss tips & tricks and more in our free seminar series.

We have a great free seminar line up of informative, motivational and inspirational presented by industry experts, fitness celebrities and international guests covering a range of topics. Plus, our international VIP special guests and local athletes and well known personalities will be hosting Q&A sessions.

The free seminar series is located in the Seminar Room, upstairs in the main foyer, and are free to attend once you have purchased your NZ Fitness & Health Expo entry ticket. Seats are limited and are filled on a first-come-first served basis, so be in quick!

Please note: seminar times may be subject to change to accommodate additional sessions if required.

2016 NZ Fitness Expo Seminar Schedule





Pro Athlete Q&A Session

Jason Poston is an American IFBB professional physique competitor and fitness model. His most recent victories include 2nd runner up at the 2015 and 2014 IFBB Olympia Weekend Mr. Olympia physique showdown competition; 1st runner up at the 2015 IFBB Arnold Sports Festival; 1st place at the 2014 IFBB Europa Phoenix and the list goes on. Jason will be hosting an open Q&A session and talking about his journey to IFBB Pro and sharing tips & advice for getting a fit & healthy physique. You can also visit Jason on the NZ Muscle stand (D15) throughout the Expo.


Carbohydrate Appropriate Nutrition

Cliff Harvey knows that the best things in life should be deliciously simple. An advocate for the LCHF way of life the Auckland-based clinical nutritionist and business owner behind Holistic Performance Nutrition™ found his nutritional niche back in the 90s, when he started to research lower-carb nutrition. Today, HPN™ has become the leading certificate in NZ based on low-carb high-fat nutrition. Cliff keeps things basic with a focus on natural, whole and unprocessed food. The nutrition guru has completely changed the game, particularly the way people see fat. Once criticised by academics for his views, he is now a leader in the field. He has also written numerous book with his most recent book ‘The Carbohydrate Appropriate Diet’ available now.


Supplements 101

Tyrone, a highly regarded industry expert specializing in the area of time-conscious body transformation training, is the founder of Legion Training as well as a BPI Expert Trainer and featured BPI Sports athlete. Tyrone’s unique training approach has positioned Legion Training as an official BPI Sports training program and has led to him being featured in some of the world’s largest health and fitness media sources. Because of his ability to get cast members in shape and camera ready in minimal amounts of time Tyrone has also been contracted on numerous film and TV productions as cast/celebrity trainer. Tyrone’s real passion however, is about being instrumental in improving the health and fitness industry as a whole, for the betterment of the end user -the everyday person. Tyrone achieves this by reaching out to as many people as possible on a worldwide scale, educating them and providing them with a real and proven means of body transformation.


Supplements 101

Jake Campus is a fully qualified nutritionist with a Degree in sport in exercise science with post graduate degree in sport nutrition, physiology and rehabilitation. Jake has been performing nutrition in the fitness industry for 10-years and helped many achieve their goals from over 60kg of fat loss, to turning professional as an IFBB pro competitors, to everyday people feeling and looking better.
Jake Campus Nutrition, is Jake's nutrition company that has 3x full time nutritionists servicing client’s needs as well as an online service for the rest of the country and world to take advantage of his leading nutrition knowledge. Jake also competes as an IFBB pro men's physique athlete, placing second in 3x IFBB pro shows in the USA in his debut rookie 2015 season. He is also the first NZ athlete to make it to the prestigious Olympia in his first season as a pro.


Learn how to create healthy habits to last a lifetime

Alex Asher cannot be contained by the conventional and most notably ran the equivalent of 55 marathons in 63 days from Cape Reinga to Wellington around the entire east coast in 2010.
Now when Alex isn't running trails, he's helping others follow their own fitness journey. His focus is inspiring confidence in women through Moxiee Running. As a coach, he's had to become an expert on lifestyle change and psychology of habits - what makes us do what we do. Learn the secrets of habits at the NZ Fitness Expo. See here for more info about Moxiee Running


Ultimate Fat Burning Tips

Jade MacKinnon is a Nutritional Therapist, Personal Trainer, IFBB Bikini Pro and Fitness model in New Zealand. Jade has many clients online in NZ and internationally, and always gets asked the same question: "What is the most effective way to loose fat with my Nutrition and Training?”.
While working with many clients of several different backgrounds, she discovered that many people waste a lot of time trying to loose fat, and are unhappy with how their bodies respond to their efforts. In her 30-minute seminar, Jade will share exactly how you can make the best use out of your training and diet, to save you wasting time and get the results you want faster. Come and learn Jade’s Best Fat Burning secrets.


Hormones – how they impact our weight-loss efforts

Simone (Simone Olivia Nutrition) is a Holistic Performance Nutrition coach and works out of Andfit Crossfit in Eden Terrace. She applies the latest health and sports nutrition research to her nutrition plans to get the best, most efficient results for her clients.
She is passionate about helping people to reach their body and performance goals that they’ve always desired, while improving their health at the same time.
Simone is no stranger when it comes to fitness and has competed in many sports over the years, including the very first NZ Fitness Model Search competition at the 2012 NZ Fitness Expo. She now competes in CrossFit and weightlifting.


Pro Athlete Q&A Session

Jaco De Bruyn is a WBFF Pro and internationally recognized fitness model who boasts one of the most aesthetic physiques across the globe. Through his strong commitment to his training and undeniable application to the fitness lifestyle, Jaco motivates his followers to an active future. Jaco may have already achieved numerous fitness and bodybuilding accolades, however, we feel that the best is yet to come and are excited to be a part of his journey into the future!


Pro Athlete Q&A Session

Voted as the ‘World’s #1 Online Personal Trainer’, Josef Rakich is an integral part of #TeamEHP. Based in New Zealand, Josef inspires his followers through his impressive knowledge of training, nutrition and supplementation. Josef is a walking testament to the success of his training methodology, boasting an incredibly aesthetic physique!


How to work in the NZ fitness industry

Julz Darroch has been involved in the exercise industry for over 20 years, working in a range of roles including group fitness, personal training and gym ownership and management. She now works behind the scenes in industry growth and development, assessment and business support. She has unique and in depth knowledge on how to join and be successful in this fantastic business.


So you want to be an Ironman? Learn how.

Rob has an extensive 20 year background in Endurance. He has competed in 16 Ironman events among numerous shorter events. He has been Coaching for many years and works with Professional and Age Group Triathletes around the world. He is a self confessed data geek and uses sports technology to get the most from his athletes.